U is for Unconscious Competence

Designer Paula Scher says she drew the logo for Citibank within five minutes of hearing the design brief. With decades of experience in creating and observing, she knows what she knows and she can apply it with ease.

Scher’s design intuition could be called “Unconscious Competence”: the final stage of the “Four Stages of Competence” learning model, where a skill becomes second nature.

In relationships, the heart knows what the heart knows – and sometimes it knows it right away. But if you find yourself in “conscious incompetence,” becoming aware of what you don’t know about love and relationships, the best thing to do is to practice, practice, practice. With every different relationship, you learn to make better choices, and create relationships that make sense for you. When you have a certain level of competence or experience with relationships and dating, falling in love will be completely intuitive.