N is for Nostalgia

“I’m convinced that without bad design [or bad lovers] … we would have nothing to marvel over and nothing to be nostalgic about.” –Carrie Phillips

The word “Nostalgia” comes from the root “alga” (unbearable anguish and pain) and “nostos” (coming home after a long journey). It is this direct opposition of emotions that makes nostalgia so confusing.

Designers can play with nostalgia, knowing that it can make consumers choose the impractical dress, or the expensive car. But in dating, people can get wrapped up in the way things used to be in a relationship that is no longer right for them. They fear that letting go would leave them without a home, in “unbearable anguish and pain.” But in reality, that nostalgia may be preventing them from moving beyond pain and finding a true home for their heart.